Exquisite Jewellery Art Forms that will Leave You Speechless

Unquestionably, jewellery has the ability to bring out the best in any woman's personality. With the right piece, you can enhance one's beauty and garner heaps of appreciation. A fine jewellery piece created with precious metals like gold, silver, and diamonds accentuates the feminine factor. Moreover, for some people, jewellery is a form of art for creative self-expression. Talking about art, there are some exquisite ancient jewellery art forms that craftsmen use to create dazzling pieces. You might have already heard the name of these art forms when you go to buy jewellery pieces. For example, sterling silver Filigree earrings or Trabzon Straw sterling silver stud earrings. But do you really know what they really are or what's their origin? Here we will look into some ancient and awe-inspiring jewellery art forms that will amaze you.


Filigree is one of the traditional art forms that originated back in 3000 BC. The term Filigree comes from the two Latin words, filum and granum, meaning thread and bead. This form of intricate metal work has been popular since the 15th century. Several archaeological studies suggest that the ancient civilizations of the Mesopotamian era used the Filigree art form for jewellery making. However, along with jewellery, it is also used for other small forms of metalwork.

When it comes to jewellery, it is usually of silver and gold. The craftsman precisely turns the silver or gold wires and foils into beautiful designs adding spirals and curls as they shape a silver filigree jewellery piece. To create different sophisticated designs and motifs, artisans use fine metal threads and beads. They set lace designs onto silver, gold, and platinum jewellery to produce a masterpiece.

If you are a fan of details in ornament and delicate designs, Filigree jewellery is definitely for you! Some popular Filigree jewellery that every woman should own includes Filigree necklaces, Filigree pendant sets, Filigree bracelets, Sterling Silver Filigree Earrings, and Filigree rings.


Also known as Kazaziye, Kazaz is a local Jewellery art form from the northern Turkish city of Trabzon. This historical jewellery making technique dates back to 2800 BC. Though the history and exact origin of Kazaz is still unknown, it is said to have been born in the Mesopotamia area by Lydians and later spread to Anatolia.

One of its features that makes it unique is that it is the only jewellery art in the world that uses pure silver. Usually, it is not possible to make jewellery from pure silver. It is because silver is a very soft metal that you need to mix with stronger metals to make jewellery. That is the reason why normally, the amount of silver used in jewellery is 925K sterling silver. However, with Kazaz jewellery, it is possible to create pure silver threads of thickness almost that of a single strand of human hair.

Undoubtedly, Kazaz is one of the most difficult and tedious jewellery art forms to master, and it takes years of practice. Although Kazaz jewellery pieces are delicate, soft, and flexible, they are extremely durable and strong. Some popular Kazaz Jewellery pieces include a Handwoven Kazaz bracelet, Kazaz ring, Kazaz Love knot pendant, Kazaz chain necklace and many more. All these pieces are made in pure silver, and you can wear them to make a statement wherever you go! You can easily find beautiful handwoven Kazaz bracelets online.

Trabzon Straw

As the name suggests, this ancient jewellery art form originated from Trabzon, a city in Turkey. They used silver or gold wire mesh, formed in 0.012 inches and 0.013-inch thickness, given to the ladies of Trabzon province for knitting. Wire mesh then goes through several finishing processes.

When we talk about the history of jewellery manufacturing in Trabzon, the Tibarens brought metalworking along with the Elizans metal knitting and weaving to Trabzon. In fact, these professions continue to form the very foundation of jewellery manufacturing in Trabzon.

Even today, the weaving art is passed down from mother to daughter in Trabzon. There are many women weavers in Trabzon who do this artwork as a side job to contribute to the family economy. Besides, this fine form of artistry is the result of an artist's dedication and precision. You can try elegant Trabzon straw jewellery pieces such as custom made hand knitted Trabzon Straw set in sterling silver or Trabzon sterling silver stud earrings.


These ancient yet most elegant jewellery art forms will leave you stunned with their beauty. All these jewellery art forms symbolize purity, grace, and innocence like no other. Try some of these jewellery pieces to earn tons of compliments. You can buy these beautiful pieces online at an affordable price. Zehrai is one such online store where you can find a range of appealing Kazaz, Filigree, and Trabzon style jewellery pieces. Moreover, Zehrai also provides a stunning collection of sterling silver jewellery like a sterling silver Daisy necklace and earrings and many more.