Kazaziye (Kazaz) jewellery Art

Imagine a craft so pure and advanced for the time of its’ creation. Aesthetic beauty meets with old civilizations’ stories and patterns. Learning footprints of past helps us guide the future. What other better way of observing history through understand the 2800-year-old Lydian civilization mastering an unique hand-made silver production. Let’s dive into Kazaziye, a masterpiece work in the world of jewelry artisans.

Kazaziye is made by two different components; silk and nylon. Nylon is a fabric of thermoplastic material can be melt into fibers. Stunning 0.08 micron thickness, which is the size of a human hair, string processed by 1000-carat silver hand woven by traditional Turkish craftsmen. Nowadays Kazaziye weaving technique is particularly known in the region of Northern Black Sea specifically in the city of Trabzon. According to historians, Kazaziye’s particular mixture and method of weaving were first discovered in Mesopotamia then adopted by Anatolian people from Lydian’s civilization.

Craftsman of this weaving technique were initially spread around different parts of the Anatolia although right now Kazaziye are only found around the region of Trabzon, nearby of Black Sea. Few Kazaziye artisans are survived in today’s economic hardship due to the lack of information and promotion. Unique Exclusive designs “Made with love & Chosen by care” aims to share & restore the stories have once been told by our ancestors. We are thrilled to reserve these exquisite pieces of Kazaziye for you at our online shop.