Secrets of Styling Anklets: Essential Tips You Should Know

The majority of the women out there love adorning their feet with beautiful and stunning sterling silver anklets. And why not? They are such a lovely way to accessorize the whole outfit and can really dress you up even when you are in a hurry. Whether you are heading out for a casual occasion or for a traditional get-together, anklets are the perfect jewellery piece that amps up your look with minimal effort. These anklets not only transform your whole look but also ooze confidence.

However, while as versatile as these anklets are, it does not mean that you can throw them on any outfit or wear them in any way and expect to look your very best. That's because wearing anklets does come with a few secrets of styling them, which include a few dos and don't. So, before you put that anklet on, it's time to go through the styling tips or rules of wearing it.

Here are The Ultimate Rules Of Wearing

Anklets:Choosing The Right or Left Anklet

One of the very first and main questions that people always think about wearing bracelets is wondering which ankle to wear it on. So, without trusting any myths, there's no specific rule as such for wearing anklets on the right or left. There'sLikewise, there's no significance behind which ankle you wear the anklet on. The decision entirely depends on the individual's preference. Generally, most girls love to adorn these anklets on their left ankle, so you can also go along with the trend.

Always Wear Them With Bare Feet

When it comes to wearing anklets, one should always remember that they should always be worn with bare feet. This is because ankle bracelets look best when they are allowed to move freely and dangle around in a fun way. So, it's better not to tuck them into shoes or socks. This will not just ruin the whole look of the anklet, but it can also cause damage to the anklet. So, pick the right footwear when you are wearing anklets to complement your style.

Pick The Right Size of The Anklet

You might not know, but just as you keep the size of the Sterling Silver Daisy Necklace And Earrings in mind, you have to look out for anklets too. Anklets come in different sizes, from 8-inch to 11-inch ones. In contrast, some come with an option to chain adjustment, but some do not. Hence, you should wear the right size for your ankle if you wish to be comfortable. That's because too-tight anklets can cause scratches and itching, while loose ones can easily slip off and also look unattractive.

Wear Them With the Right Outfit

If your outfit does not let you show off your anklet, then you should not bother wearing them at all. Always remember to stick more to casual wear outfits when wearing ankle bracelets. For example, wearing short dresses with flip-flop sandals can make you show off your anklet in style. On the other hand, pairing them with boots or anklets will be a bad idea. Instead, go for outfits like shorts, skirts or dresses and pair them with footwear like sandals or slippers that don't cover your anklet.

Adorning Different Types of Anklets

Now that you know about a few things that you must keep in mind while wearing anklets, it's time to talk about how to pick the right anklet from the wide range of styles available. Generally, sterling silver ankle bracelet are always the right choice, especially for the younger population. They are easy to pair with summer sandals and flip-flops and look their very best. Another option you can go for is the charm anklets. These anklets go about with just any outfit and occasion. Charm anklets come in options like teardrop style, evil eye charms, dangle anklet, etc.

Never Overdo Styling With Anklets

While many style enthusiasts suggest mixing and matching styles, add on layers with anklets; always remember that you never overdo the style. Wearing multiple anklets is a great way to create your own unique look, but limit the numbers up to 2-3, or it will look tacky and cluttered. Also, avoid noisy anklets, especially if you are attending an important occasion like wedding or office party.


These are the tips or rules you can say that women should know before adorning their favourite anklets. There's a large variety of anklets to choose from at Zehrai. If you wish to make your own collection of stunning anklets, then it's time you purchase some for yourself from the amazing collection of Zehrai and that too at amazing prices. So, browse through the amazing anklet collection of Zehrai today