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Filigree Art

Filigree is an ancient art dates back to 3000 BC. This beautiful art born in mezopotamia area midyat town of mardin city. Filigree is using gold or silver wires, known as ‘’ Telkari ‘’, was developed in the 15th Century. To this day, expert craftsmen in this region continue to produce fine pieces of telkari in Turkey.


Kazaziye Art

Kazaziye, (also known as “Kazazlık” or “Kazaz”), is a Turkish jewelry making technique. Kazaziye is a historical technique from the Caucasus. Kazaziye is a local art from the northern Turkish city  Trabzon. Kazaziye made by hand with only 1000 carat silver or 24 carat gold. The exact history of Kazaz is not well-known, however, it is said that this art was born in Mesopotamia area by Lydians in 2800 BC and later spread north to Anatolia.

Trabzon’s Treasure

Hand Knitted Beauties

Trabzon straw is an ancient knitting art & only made by women. The wire mesh created in 0.3 mm and 0.35 mm thickness as a result of very careful processes is given to the knitting ladies of Trabzon province. Weave braids formed by long-term efforts in the skillful hands of knitting ladies who have been living this art for centuries are then prepared as jewelry by our valuable masters in our workshops. Wire mesh undergoes many important fine processes in the workshop. Then again in the workshop, it gains diversity and variety with various buckle designs.


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