Importance Of Silver In Turkish Jewellery Designs

Turkey is one of the leading jewellery producers in the world. It is one part of the fact that defines Turkey as the best world destination for its ancient relationship with sterling silver and the jewellers who actually work with it. In fact, the ancient and rich relationship of art has always been at the heart of the culture of Turkey, and that’s what we get to see in Turkish jewellery designs too. The historical period of Turkey had artisans who made not only silver jewellery but other artefacts and silverware too. Let’s discuss in detail why silver is a special metal for curating designs focused on Turkish art.

Why Silver?

According to research studies, the silver shiny metal has been in use for making pieces of jewellery since 4000BC. Historically this metal has played a very imperative role in producing jewellery like dangle choker necklaces, rings, earrings, and other silverware items. When we talk about its importance in Turkish culture, you might not know, but it was their part of the imperial policy to discover lands that were abundant in silver. Therefore, silver was the most crucial metal to fuel the love and passion for curating beautiful, handmade jewellery.

Turkish Silver Working

No matter wherever you go shopping for Turkish jewellery Australia, silver is surely going to dominate in metal choice. This is because Turks have given importance to silver and silver processing since ancient times. After all, it was an indispensable occupation in the old Turkish tribes and culture. The Turks even painted imperative figures by carving them on wood and silver metal. According to research studies, high-quality silver was obtained from four different places in Anatolia, Turkey. Thus, you will see the history of silver working dates back to ancient times in Turkey.

Jewellery Making Techniques Of Turkish Culture With Silver

Silver metal is known for being a great precious metal to enhance the beauty of precious stones when set into a ring or Turkish Jewellery Silver Necklace. Hence, Turkey has been a major centre for silver jewellery production using different techniques. A few of the traditional Turkish jewellery-making techniques include filigree, kazzaziye, Trabzon straw and much more.

The jewellery products focused on Turkish culture are inspired by different civilizations and cultures in Anatolia. But today, with the advancement of technology, Turkish jewellers can combine history and cultural heritage with modern production and design capabilities to present their products to the world. Here are some popular Turkish jewellery-making techniques.


Kazaz is a very popular jewellery technique from Caucasus, Turks. It is a local jewellery and the only art form that uses 1000K pure silver. It is completely handwoven and is curated using very thin pure silver threads. This is the reason why kazaz jewellery is very lightweight and flexible.

Trabzon Straw

This is one of the ancient jewellery art forms from the Trabzon city of Turkey. The artisans use silver wire mesh of very light thickness to curate every piece. The knitting ladies of Trabzon province knit the jewellery pieces and then it goes for further finishing process.


This technique is created by soldering different fine silver wires into quirky motifs. Filigree jewellery demands delicate attention and patience to bring out the best pieces. This jewellery technique mostly demands silver metal for knitting.

While most silver jewellery is an alloy, Turkish ones are different because they feature an alloy of silver and cadmium. This type of silver is more resistant to tarnishing and gives the silver jewellery a striking modern finish. So, if you are looking for antique silver jewellery and designs, then Turkish techniques and designs are your answer.


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