6 Different Types of Jewellery Pieces For Men

Gone are the days when the realm of jewellery was solely reserved for women. In this contemporary and fashion-forward world, men’s jewellery has successfully carved its own niche, boasting pieces that range from subtle to statement-making. Through jewellery, men can accentuate their style and show their personality to the outside world. Also, it has the ability to change the look completely. In this blog, we will explain the top six types of jewellery from the impressive range of Zehrai jewellery for men.

Whether it’s a sleek silver chain necklace for men that catches the light just right or a ring that is loud and bold and speaks volumes about their style, the possibilities of jewellery and its styles are endless. Let us explore this dapper arena of men’s jewellery and list these six essential pieces that every modern man should own. Get ready to be playing with top jewellery pieces every time you step out!

Find Your Signature Style with Zehrai's Men's Jewellery

1. Handwoven Oxidized Kazaz Bracelet

The men’s jewellery world is rich with a variety of gorgeous items that combine classic craftsmanship with new design trends, and the kazaz handwoven oxidised men’s bracelet in pure silver is one of the best examples. Besides that, laying your eyes on this bracelet is more than just another piece of jewellery but also an exhibit of zestful artistry which the Middle East has been known for years now. Handcrafted from sterling silver, it is made up of patterned wirework that represents the best of both worlds, which is durability and beauty.

The thing that characterises it is the oxidation that occurs during the process, resulting in a deep, aged kind of look that beautifully outlines its complex designs, the best type of jewellery for men Australia you can find. This rustic feel imbibes it with the versatility to go with both casual and formal attire, giving an ordinary outfit that elegant touch.

2. Square Cubic Zirconia Silver Stud Earrings

These round stud earrings of cubic zirconia set in sterling silver combine the classic appeal of sterling silver with the contemporary beauty of cubic zirconia, providing men with a chance to add a bit more mystery and glamour to their everyday looks.

Sterling silver, with its proven outstanding durability and sparkling lustre, makes the perfect background for the round-cut CZ stone. The CZ stone's square cut intensifies its beautiful sparkle, reflecting light from each angle and making these stud earrings shine, but in a refined and understated manner. This provides them with an optimum edge for daily wear, irrespective of the occasion you are going to attend, whether in a professional or casual outing.

3. Marcasite & Red Agate Silver Ring

A ring in men's jewellery is not only a statement but a deeply rooted expression. Among the most beautiful options for a man is the sterling silver marcasite and red agate men's ring. This artefact incorporates the luscious, sparkling colour of marcasite with the radiant, passionate crimson colour of agate, everything all bound together by the timeless allure of sterling silver.

The marcasite stones produce a subdued sparkle that evokes a sense of vintage glamour, while the red agate serves as the centrepiece and is associated with revival and courage. A combination of these factors finally results in a ring that is not merely a piece of jewellery but a piece of art. The setting of the sterling silver assures longevity and a smooth shine that matches both casual and glamorous occasions.

4. Round King Chain Silver Necklace

The round king chain pendant necklace in sterling silver has its own attraction. Using this type of necklace, a man can express the power of simplicity and elegance in the overall look, making it a must-have piece for any man who wants to enhance his jewellery collection. The sterling silver-crafted necklace is a long-lasting piece that never diminishes in its shine in spite of time. Its 5mm thickness gives out a satisfying balance of noticeable but not over the top, matching your outfit instead of just standing out.

Great for men who seek simplicity without compromising elegance, this necklace can be worn alone or accessorised with a pendant to level up personalisation. Also, the round king chain, being flexible, guarantees a comfortable seat around the neck, making it an accessory that you can wear all day without any discomfort. It showcases the wearer's excellent perception of beauty and dedication to details, which exudes an image of strength and poise.

5. Black Onyx & Marcasite Silver Ring

An amazing combination of black onyx and marcasite set in sterling silver in men’s jewellery can represent grandeur and subtle class that speaks of simple dignity extended by time itself. This sort of ring is not all about a simple adornment, it’s about achieving classical elegance and a combination of a strong and relaxed look.

The majestic onyx, of its natural black with deep velvet sheen, becomes a centrepiece. Its dark magnetism is not spectacular, but a mark of its presence cannot be ignored. In addition to its aesthetic function, black onyx is said to possess a hidden property of absorbing negative energy as well as transforming it into positive energy, which, therefore, attaches not only a physical embellishment to them but also a spiritual armour.

6. Oxidised Kazaz Silver Ring

The Oxidised Kazaz ring is a work of art, but it also tells the history of ancient craftsmanship with a modern view. Kazan is an old method in which the craftsmen closely weave silver threads to create detailed designs. This gives a quality which is a combination of feel and visual appeal. What makes the oxidised ring of Kazaz different is the oxidisation and discolouring of silver, which draws attention to the fine work of the craftsmanship. This is a type of finishing that gives an antique feel to the ring, which is commonly related to an interesting story or journey through time.

Crafted from pure silver it is a mark of the evergreen value which has been synonymous with silver jewellery in the ages gone by. Its cooling and healing power is mentioned in fairy tales and folklore, which contributed to the craftsmen's artistry, which was defined by physical and symbolic perfection. The ring's vintage finish is the perfect blend of character and aesthetics. The oxidation is what makes it stand out gently but remarkably against the skin. What's great is it's the ideal complement for modern men who enjoy a mix of elegance and uniqueness.


In the modern world, jewellery for men australia is not only about adding a little bit of elegance but also a powerful statement of individual style that can really enhance a man’s look. Whether it's the refined understatement of stud earrings, the rebellious allure of a silver chunky neck chain for men, or the ultimate definition of good taste in statement rings, every little detail stands for uniqueness. Adding these Zehrai's must-have pieces to your collection is not just about following trends but also about investing in multifunctional accessories that go well with different outfits for different occasions.

Walking into the office, playing out casual brunch or catching a formal event, Zehrai’s collection offers something to match and take your appearance to the next level. Wearing men's pieces of jewellery is a bold decision that can be used to create your unique fashion sense. So, why wait? Let us, Zehrai, take you into the stylish world of menswear accessories, where your jewellery can speak for itself.