Nine Tips To Ensure The Durability of Your Silver Anklet

Silver jewellery requires extra care and attention from you to ensure the durability of the jewellery pieces. One must ensure that silver is taken care of to maintain the shine and lustre of the silver jewellery piece. It would help to keep your jewellery pieces in check, keeping up with their charm.

One jewellery piece that can add shine to any outfit is the silver anklets. Silver anklets are beautiful and elegant pieces that one must have in their collection. From bold to heavily embellished anklet designs, there is something for everyone. Something that you can add to your collection according to your preference.

Whether you are purchasing daily or occasional wear, you should always ensure they are in good condition by following these tips. This blog explores nine tips that you must do to ensure that your silver anklet stays in good condition for a longer time.

Here are the nine tips to keep your silver anklet durable and charming -

1. Regular Cleaning of The Anklet -

Your silver anklet requires regular cleaning. To maintain the shine and grace of your anklets, you should clean off the dirt and other particles causing damage to them. To properly clean the anklet, use a soft cloth that does not scratch the silver anklet. You can also use a mild jewellery cleaning solution to wipe off the dirt and tarnish gently.

2. Avoiding Moisture and Chemical -

Your silver and sterling silver anklets will lose their shine if they come in contact with an atmosphere with high moisture contents and chemicals, causing tarnish to your jewellery. Remove the anklet before swimming, showering, or applying a lotion, perfume, or hairspray.

3. Remember To Take Them Off at Night -

One should remove their jewellery while sleeping to avoid getting damaged or tangled in clothes or elsewhere. Also, the jewellery pieces should be kept under a lot of protection while you are resting.

4. Store Properly -

Another factor to consider that ensures the safety and durability of your silver jewellery pieces is how properly you store them. Store the jewellery pieces in a dry place, an airtight container to prevent them from coming in contact with moisture, air, or dirt. This can cause your jewellery to tarnish, damaging the look of your jewellery pieces.

5. Be Careful During Activities -

While performing physical activity or sporting activity, you should remove your silver jewellery pieces. The silver jewellery will get damaged if it comes in contact with something while you are playing. The rough surfaces and excessive force might break your jewellery piece, scratch it, and cause damage to the design of your silver jewellery.

6. Polishing The Silver Jewellery -

You can also polish the silver jewellery to maintain the shine and remove any tarnish that may have developed over time by coming in contact with moisture and air. You can also clean it with soap and water to remove the tarnish from the silver jewellery, keeping the shine and grace of your jewellery pieces.

7. Keep a Check If Your Anklet is Loose -

Regularly check if your anklet is loose or not. Ensure it stays on while performing an activity or doing something that might take your attention away from the jewellery. Loose jewellery pieces increase the risk of them getting caught in something that will break your jewellery from between.

8. Avoid Pulling The Anklet -

Also, make sure you are very gentle with your silver anklet. Or any other jewellery piece that you are wearing. Wear and take them off lightly and with extra care, making sure you do not pull off the jewellery, causing damage to it. This can lead to breaking the jewellery elements, stretching, and breaking.

9. Rotate It From Time To Time -

An anklet has many sides that you can rotate from time to time. To prevent the wearing down from one area of your silver jewellery, you can rotate the sides of your anklet from time to time. This will allow your silver anklet to be even from all sides.