Purple kazaz Turkish love knot earrings in pure silver


Feel like a queen or sultana with these magnificent kazaz love knot earrings. Exquisitely handwoven with pure silver threads and partly coloured very elegant tone of purple that almost navy. 

Symbolise love and connection. As you might heard of Celtic knot , Turkish love knot, Chinese knot… This ancient symbol has so many different names in different cultures. 

Completely handwoven with 1000K pure silver threads. Hooks (earwires) are made with 925K sterling silver.

Kazaz is the only jewellery art in the world uses 1000K pure silver and because it’s made with pure silver they are extremely soft, light, flexible yet very strong.

Kazaz is an ancient art dates back 2800BC to Lydians & Sumerians. There are only handful artisans left who can create this unique art.


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