Modern Jewellery Pieces To Style With Your Outfits

Accessories are essential to our outfits as they help us get in touch with the style followed around the market. They are necessary to complete any outfit and are undoubtedly the best way to add sophistication and style to your personality. Adding accessories would be the best if you want to complete an outfit for any occasion.

How would you like it if your jewellery pieces were not machine-produced but modern handmade jewellery? Handmade jewellery has a different aesthetic, helping you make a statement. Simple and elegant jewellery pieces bring out the most of your outfit and add that extra beauty.

These modern handmade jewellery pieces are available in different types like bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc., and one can incorporate them into their daily lives as they are very easy to handle and care for. This blog explores the different jewellery pieces you can add to your collection.

Here are the five modern jewellery pieces for you

1. Handwoven Oxidised Kazaz Unisex Bracelet in Silver:

A unisex bracelet specially made for you and your loved ones. The handwoven oxidised bracelet in unisex is made in silver and is the best addition to your jewellery collection. The bracelet adds a touch of uniqueness and elegance to your outfit. The simplicity of the bracelet makes it more of a choice for everyone. It is an affordable piece of jewellery that goes well with all types of outfits. The jewellery is made from oxidised silver that adds an antique look to your jewellery. The classic look of the bracelet makes it a lone-wear, and if you want to add more style, stack it with other bracelets.

2. Marcasite and Red Agate Men's Ring in Silver:

Are you looking for an affordable and perfect gift for your man? Try this handmade men's jewellery Australia, the Marcasite and Red Agate Men's Ring in Silver, a simple and striking ring for the fashion-forward gentlemen out there. Slay your outfit with these modern-day jewellery pieces. The ring is made from sterling silver, showcasing a bold marcasite design with a striking red agate stone at the centre of the ring. The combination of the dark marcasite and vibrant red agate creates a captivating look to grab the world's attention. Add this ring to your everyday outfits and follow the trend.

3. Oval Created Sultanite Necklace and Earrings Set:

Add elegance to your jewellery collection with a necklace and earrings set. The best way to make a statement at your next special event is by adding this oval-created sultanate necklace and earrings set. This is the perfect choice as the selected features oval-shaped sultanite stones showcases elegance and sophistication. The silver setting of the necklace and earrings beautifully complements the stones' green texture, making it nothing less than beautiful. One can wear the jewellery set with a modern outfit and win with the style and design of the jewellery set.

4. Adjustable Evil Eye Ring: evil eye jewellery

What could be the best way to remove negativity from around you? By adding a piece of evil eye jewellery, you can make sure that there are no negative energies surrounding you, and if there are, they can warded off with this jewellery piece. This type of jewellery is a modern-day design that works perfectly as a style and helps you resolve a purpose. The adjustable evil eye ring features a sleek silver design and an eye-catching evil eye motif, making it a unique and meaningful piece to wear every day and matching every outfit.

5. Teardrop Turquoise Enamel Evil Eye Huggie Hoop Earrings:

Another evil eye jewellery piece you can add to your collection is the Teardrop Turquoise Enamel Evil Eye Huggie Hoop Earrings that take you to the next level in design and style. The vibrant shade of turquoise adds a pop to any outfit, and the evil eye symbol adds a touch of protection and helps ward off negative energies from your surroundings. Also, these earrings are the perfect way to add a touch of flair and modernity to your outfit. Bring out the most creative look with our jewellery pieces.


Modern jewellery pieces have become essential accessories to elevate any outfit. From statement necklaces to delicate stackable rings, these pieces offer endless possibilities for expressing personal style. Incorporating these trendy accessories into your outfits can effortlessly enhance your overall look and make a fashion-forward statement. Zehrai has a collection of silver jewellery pieces in modern and antique designs, helping you step up your style game by exploring the world of contemporary jewellery and finding the perfect pieces to match your jewellery collection.