Trending Sterling Silver Jewellery Pieces For New Age Brides

So, it is finally going to happen; your dream to be a bride will soon be turned into reality. Preparations are underway, and we know it is the time when you might go into a panic about how to reflect on the best version of yourself on your big day. The jewellery pieces that you select for your wedding play a key role in your overall look. Undoubtedly, choosing the right bridal jewellery is one of the most important wedding chores that you have to do. You would want the most exquisite pieces that make you the center of attraction and gets you heaps of compliments.

Talking about new-age brides, they consistently look for something fancy yet not too flashy or over the top. They prefer subtle and minimalist jewellery pieces that stay with them forever as a keepsake of the most special day of their life. Pieces like sterling silver anklets or earrings fit these criteria perfectly and, thus, make the best choice for new-age brides. Let us help you find your dream jewellery pieces for your wedding. Instead of following the same traditional footsteps of wearing highly extravagant diamond or gold jewellery, do something different by selecting sterling silver jewellery pieces for your wedding. Know the sterling silver pieces that every new age bride should own. 

Why Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver makes an excellent alternative to some extravagant metals like gold and diamond. Its versatility and timeless beauty are what make it so special. For those who don't know, sterling silver is an alloy made from pure silver as well as other trace metals. This precious metal exudes sophistication like no other, which is why they are perfect for occasions like weddings.

Though it is mixed with other metals like copper, it looks the same as lustrous fine silver. The copper gives it maximum durability without affecting its beauty. That's why sterling silver jewellery can last forever with proper care. Also, it is easy to maintain and won't even rust or perish with normal use. It means that you can pass your jewellery piece as an heirloom onto your future generations.

Another perk that sterling silver offers is that it doesn't contain any metal or elements like nickel or lead that can cause allergic reactions. It is hypo-allergenic, which makes it soft and safe on every skin. What else would you need from your dream jewellery? It delivers you all you need; strength, beauty, sparkle, and timeless elegance. Besides, you don't need to break your bank to buy your favorite sterling silver jewellery pieces as they are way more affordable than other metals. In addition, you can easily buy quality-driven sterling silver jewellery online without any hassle.

Must-Have Sterling Silver Pieces For Bridal Jewellery Collection

Now that you know why sterling silver is the most favorable choice when shopping for your wedding jewellery, it's time to spruce up your collection. When it comes to sterling silver jewellery pieces, you have endless options. 


Sterling silver statement earrings are trend-setting and mark the experimental nature of the wearer. The lustrous appearance and beautiful design of sterling silver stud earrings will elevate your bridal look in an instant. 


A dangle choker necklace made in sterling silver boasts a beautiful and stylish sheen which is incomparable. You can also go with sterling silver dainty initial chains for a minimalist bridal look.


If anklets are your favorite bridal accessory, then you would love to adorn yourself with a pair of stunning sterling silver anklets featuring statement designs. This jewellery piece beautifully festoons the bride's ankles.


Find a dazzling silver bracelet online to embellish your bare arms and add glamor to your bridal look. This statement piece is going to grab maximum attention.


Diamond rings are just so common now. If you want to stand out and make bold choices, then go for a gleaming sterling silver statement ring. 


New-age brides are all about minimalism and elegance. You can amp up your wedding look up a notch with sterling silver jewellery pieces. They are beautiful, durable, hypo-allergenic, easy to maintain, and don't even cost a fortune, unlike other metals. These are enough reasons to consider taking a different route for your wedding and going with sterling silver. 

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